Is A Club Fitting Worth It: True Spec Golf In Dallas – Fort Worth Review

Are getting fitted for custom golf clubs worth the investment? 

Do you want to know more about the club fitting process and what to expect?

I had the same questions, so I scheduled a meeting with the True Spec Golf Dallas – Fort Worth Master Fitter, Tate Lowery, to get all the details.

As a golf enthusiast, I’m eager to know how a custom club fitting could improve my game. But after learning about the True Spec club fitting experience, I got that and more. 

Sure, custom clubs could improve my game, but the level of detail in the launch monitor analysis and the number of different club and shaft combinations their fitting could provide was mind-blowing. True Spec Golf delivers an entirely different experience than “your clubs are good” – “your clubs are bad.”

But is it all still worth the investment, even for a high handicapper? What is the difference between True Spec Golf and other club fitters? What does True Spec Dallas – Fort Worth have to offer?

If these are your questions, keep reading to learn more about the True Spec DFW experience.

True Spec Golf Dallas – Fort Worth

What Is True Spec Golf, And Who Is Tate Lowery?

OK, let’s start with the basics. 

True Spec Golf is a nationwide boutique club fitting company headquartered in Scottsdale with more than 35 studios and growing.

Each studio is fitted with the latest golf simulation and monitoring equipment. This equipment gives True Spec fitters the availability to capture and analyze dozens of metrics of a golf swing, such as ball speed, club head speed, carry distance, spin rate, landing angle, line angle at the golf club, and face angle, to name a few.

Not only is there state-of-the-art tech, but hundreds of different club shafts are lined up on the wall of each studio. This shows you how much customization can go into each club fitting.

The vibe of the studios isn’t the only impressive thing; the resumes of the True Spec fitters are equally remarkable.


So now let’s late about Tate.

Tate is a Master Fitter at the True Spec Golf DFW location, which shares the same suite as Eight Under by Mike Bury Golf in Irving. (4030 N MacArthur Blvd #222, Irving, TX 75038)

Tate has been with True Spec since 2021, but before getting into the club fitting side of the golf industry, Tate had been the Golf Pro at multiple Golf Clubs around the country. Golf is his passion, and it showed. 

You won’t get that track record from your local Golf Galaxy club fitter.

What Is The Difference Between True Spec Golf And Other Club Fitters?

When it comes to club fittings, there are a lot of options out there. You can go to retailers or golf superstores, where a sales rep may take a look at your swing and suggest some clubs off the rack. However, these fittings often need more customization and attention to detail that a serious golfer requires.

That’s where True Spec Golf comes in. 

The True Spec fitting process is highly personalized and data-driven, utilizing advanced technology and a brand-agnostic fitting matrix to find the best clubs for each golfer. In contrast to off-the-rack fittings, True Spec Golf considers every aspect of a golfer’s swing and playing style, including factors like swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.

One of the most significant differences between True Spec Golf and other club fitters is the level of expertise and training that their staff possesses. Retailers or golf superstores won’t typically have Golf Pros running their hitting bays.

Another key difference is the level of customization available. While other club fitters may offer limited options, True Spec Golf has access to a wide range of club heads and shafts from multiple manufacturers. This means they can find the perfect combination of club components to maximize- each golfer’s performance.

How The True Spec Club Fitting Process Works

At every True Spec fitting, golfers will always start with their clubs. This is so the fitters can get the club and ball baseline metrics.

The 6-iron is used frequently for an iron fitting because that is what all the demo heads are. 

After the data is collected on the golfer hitting their club, the fitter will run a light MRI on the club, which will collect the loft and lie of the club. This includes measuring the frequency of your current clubs using a hydraulic press and frequency meter, which determines the stiffness of the shafts and ensures consistency across all clubs.

The frequency measurement also reveals the level of variance within shaft flexes, showing that not all stiff shafts are created equal. The fitter then gathers information about your game and club setup, considering any variances in your current clubs that previous fittings may have overlooked. This allows the fitter to determine the best specifications for your new set, considering factors such as swing speed, ball flight, and personal preferences.

True Spec Master Fitters like Tate can explain complex concepts like frequency and shaft variances in a way that is clear and easy to understand, and they prioritize your needs and preferences above any sales pitch.

True Spec Golf Dallas – Fort Worth

What Does True Spec Dallas – Fort Worth Have To Offer?

Here is a list of all the fittings with cost and time durations True Spec provides at their Dallas – Fort Worth location:

Full Bag Fitting

Cost – $375

Duration – 3 Hours

Woods Fitting (Driver, Fairway, Hybrid)

Cost – $275

Duration – 2 Hours

Iron And Wedge Fitting

Cost – $225

Duration – 2 Hours

Driver Fitting

Cost – $175

Duration – 1 Hour

Fairway And Hybrid Fitting

Cost – $175

Duration – 1 Hour

Iron Fitting

Cost – $175

Duration – 1 Hour

Wedge Fitting

Cost – $125

Duration – 1 Hour

Gap Analysis

Cost – $125

Duration – 1 Hour

Shafts Only Fitting

Cost – $125

Duration – 1 Hour

Is True Spec Golf Worth It?

If you take golf seriously and want peak performance, then the True Spec Golf fitting process could be for you. It’s a top-shelf fitting process that ensures all the little details are considered to ensure your experience is the best.

The process is only for some, though. For example, if you only play golf occasionally and don’t take it seriously, the True Spec fitting process will burn a hole in your wallet. Additionally, if cost is a significant concern, there might be better options than this, as True Spec isn’t cheap.

However, if you’re looking to buy a set of clubs, the benefits of a True Spec fitting are worth considering. If you buy a set of clubs off the rack, you’ll have no guarantee that they are aligned, the right length, or have the correct shaft stiffness tailored to your swing. 

With True Spec, you’ll have a better chance of getting the correct length, shaft, and alignment. 

The next time I’m back in the DFW area, you bet I’ll pay Tate a visit for a fitting at True Spec Golf. 

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