Regular Vs Stiff Flex – Which Flex To Choose?

In a golf club, it is very common to hear people brag about how high their swing speed is, the distance they can hit a drive, and their shaft flexes. As a beginner, all these terms might sound confusing to you in the beginning, and that’s okay.

It might be difficult to know what golf shaft to use and how to use it to greater effect. Through this article, you will learn the difference between regular vs stiff flex and how each one of them can influence play.

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Regular vs Stiff Flex

The common problem for most golf players (especially beginners) is that they cannot pick the right golf shafts. Whether you choose to go with a regular or stiff flex will determine the quality of your swing speed, angle of release, and the distance you can achieve.

For instance, using a flexible shaft gives you a higher ball flight, and your shot pattern might have an inconsistent dispersion. Additionally, too flexible shafts make the ball spin too much.

On the other hand, using a stiff shaft gives you low trajectories, the golf ball will not spin to your liking, and you may not cover long distances.

A regular shaft would give you something in the middle for any golfer. You get enough distance, good ball spin, and the trajectory is not too high or too low.

What is a Regular Flex?

In golf, a flex refers to how stiff or flexible a golf club is. The definition of a regular flex varies from one manufacturer to another. Frank Thomas, a former United States Golf Association technical director, noted that the flexibility standards were not uniform.

However, a regular flex should be anything around the middle, not too stiff or too flexible.

What are the Benefits of Using Regular Flex?

Using regular flex gives you an average trajectory good distance, and the ball spins well. This flex is recommended for golfers with 80 to 95 miles per hour swing speeds.

What is a Stiff Flex?

As compared to a regular flex, a stiff flex is firmer and does not bend easily. In most cases, golf clubs with stiff flex are heavier. Again, how stiff a golf club is will vary from one manufacturer to another.

What is the Benefit of Using Stiff Flex?

Stiff flex guarantees top speed and longer distances. It is suitable for golfers who do not swing quickly. If anything, a slow accelerating arc will always do for pro golfers.

The rule of thumb is to find a flex that suits your swing speed and the distance that you want to cover. A sit down with a professional can also help you make the right choice.

Wrapping It All Up

Flex refers to how stiff or soft a golf club is in golf. Stiff flex guarantees speed and trajectory, while regular flex gives you an average of everything. How the ball spins, your swing speed, and the distance you want to cover are all factors to consider when choosing your flex.

What flex do you like using? Are you going to try something new?

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