14 Range Games That Will Cut Strokes Off Your Golf Game

You’re walking up to the tee box, surveying the scene. There’s a large pond to your right and a bunker guarding the green on the other side. You take a deep breath, then step up to the ball. You take your stance and swing… and miss horribly. The ball goes sailing off into the woods… but at least you missed the water, right?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many golfers have trouble with their short game. But luckily, there are plenty of games you can play at the driving range to help cut strokes off your golf game. In this article, we’ll discuss fourteen of those range games.

You don’t have to be a professional golfer to know that the key to improving your golf game is practice. But who says you can’t have fun while at it? Here are fourteen driving range games that will help you cut strokes off your golf game – without even stepping on a fairway.

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Long Range Games

The First 3

Do you have a favorite course that you frequent the most?

Good! So you should have a good memory of how that course is laid out in your head. If you’re anything like me, you probably daydream about always playing on that course… You’ll need that for this game.

At the range, pretend like you’re playing the 1st 3 holes of your favorite course; of course, you won’t be putting through. After you’ve chipped the ball onto the green or hit the green in regulation, automatically give yourself 2 strokes for putting.

Tally your strokes after 3 holes, and the player with the least is the winner. Keep playing if the scores are tied… Side note – Practicing this will also decrease the time it takes to complete 18 holes of golf.

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Longest Drive

This range game is a staple for most practice sessions at the driving range.

Simply pull out the BIG STICK and let it rip. For this game, limit the number of balls to 5 per player; the winner is the furthest shot.

Fairway Challenge

This is a great range game for the players looking to cut down on the number of slices and hooks they tend to hit with their driver.

Pick a flagstick to the left and right to be the fairway boundaries. Once the boundaries are set, each player gets 5 shots to keep their shots on the fairway. Whoever has the most balls on the fairway is the winner.

If you’re playing by yourself, keep your score so you can try to beat it at the next range session.

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Mid Range Games


Like the childhood basketball game but for grown-ups!

The first player picks their target, and if that target is hit, the next player or players must also hit it. If the players trying to hit the first target miss, they get the first letter of the horse, “H.”

If the first player misses their target, the next player gets a chance to call their target, and the range game continues.

Players are eliminated when they have all letters of the horse. The last player standing is the winner.

Closest To The Flag Stick

A classic! Simply pick a flagstick and try to get your ball the closest with 5 shots each. The player with the closest ball is the winner.

Play this enough, and you’ll for sure start seeing more eagles in your future!

Approach Shot Challenge

This range game is great for players struggling to get more greens in regulation. It will also improve your scrambling stat if you’re known to not hit fairways on your tee shots,

First, pick 3 flagsticks roughly 100 to 175 yards out. Once the flagsticks are picked out, each player will take 5 shots at each flagstick and try to get their balls within 10 feet. Each ball that lands within 10 feet of the flagsticks will be considered a point.

Tally your points at the end; the player with the most points is the winner.

One Club Target Challenge

Players collectively pick the same type of club and pick a flagstick. The player that can hit the ball closest to the flagstick with that club is the winner. Each player will get 5 shots.

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One Iron For Distance Challenge

Probably the most show-offy range game there is after the longest drive.. great for showing off your long iron game.

Players agree on using the same iron, and with 5 shots each, they try to hit it the furthest. The player with the longest shot wins.

Stinger Challenge

The most sought-after shot in the golf bag… the stinger! Players agree on the same club and try to hit their best stinger.

The player with the best stingers after 5 shots each is the winner.

After this game, You’ll have a good feel between a regular vs stiff shaft.

Short Range Games

Chip Shot Closest To The Pin

Another range game classic right here… Pick a spot off the green and try to get your shots closer to the selected pin. The player with the closest balls to the pin after 5 shots each is the winner… Playing this game often helps me with the shanks.

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Closest To The Pin From The Beach

Same as the chip shot challenge but out of the bunker! Test your sand wedge shots with this challenge.

Pro tip: Test out different wedge bounce angles!

Closest To The Pin From The Green

You can’t finish a range session without playing this range game! Pick a spot on the green and try to get your shots closer to the selected pin. The player with the closest balls to the pin after 5 shots each is the winner.

Play this game for hours and watch the dreaded 3 putts disappear on your scorecard!

Around The World

Pick a pin on the practice green and grab 4 balls. Start at 3 feet out and make a circle around the pin with your 4 balls. Walk up to your balls and putt them into the cub. The player with the most consecutive putts made is the winner.

Try 5 and 10 feet when you’ve mastered the 3-foot putt.

9 To 18 Hole Putt Course

The range game to end all range games… the 18-hole practice green course. Make up a variety of different holes on the putting green. After 18 or 9 holes, the player with the least amount of strokes is the winner.

Final Thoughts On Range Games

Range games are a great way to improve your golf game. They can help you work on different shots and strategies that you may not use during a normal round. Not only will this make you a better golfer, but it will also make the game more fun and challenging. We hope that you’ll try out some of these range games the next time you hit the practice range!

And, of course, after every driving range session, spend a minute cleaning your clubs. Those babies need to be in top shape for the next round!

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