A Guide To The Best Golf Courses In Texas

Greetings! In search of magnificent golf courses in Texas? Your hunt is over! I have been playing golf for ages in Texas and have some hot tips about the best places to play.

Do you have an itch for a championship course or something more relaxed? Texas has tons of golf courses that you’ll love. Let me tell you all about them – keep reading for the scoop!

What Makes A Great Golf Course In Texas?

Golf courses in Texas come in many shapes and sizes! Whether you’re looking for a course with luxurious amenities or one with hidden elevation changes, bunkers, and water hazards, you can find it in the Lone Star State.

When selecting the best golf course in Texas, think about location, difficulty, design features, and layout. Don’t forget to consider the overall experience. From the friendly staff and welcoming clubhouses to picturesque scenery and interesting wildlife sightings, it all matters.

Texas offers stunning landscapes. You’ll find piney woods, vast open prairies, and rugged mountain peaks in no time. Check out our best golf courses in Texas for great times on endless greens!

The Best Golf Courses In Texas By City

In the list below you will see a list of Texas cities. Each city listed has an in-depth review of the best golf courses for that city.

Not find the city you are visiting or the part of town you want to golf in? Write us a comment or send an email for which Texas city you’d like us to review next!




Fort Worth






San Antonio

San Marcos

Sugar Land


The Woodlands

What To Consider When Selecting A Golf Course In Texas

When picking a golf course in Texas, there are many things to consider. The terrain is important – do you like wide-open courses or more hilly ones? Facilities are key too – think about the clubhouse & practice range. Cost is a factor – green fees & cart rental fees. Location – pick one near your starting or ending point. Plus, many offer tee times online for convenience.

In the end, it’s about the experience – atmosphere, customer service & the overall round of golf.

Final Thoughts On The Best Golf Courses In Texas

Finding the right golf course in Texas can be tricky. With hundreds of courses, varying from public to the private, championship to beginner, it can be overwhelming! But with a bit of research, you can locate the ideal golf courses in Texas for your skill level, budget, and location.

If you’re after luxurious courses with cart access at each hole and posh clubhouses, you should check out private clubs that are more costly. For fast rounds with casual amenities and reasonable greens fees, public courses are probably more suitable.

Texas has so many good options! Everyone should be able to find the perfect course for their style and budget. So start swinging! It’s time to hit the fairway!

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