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Golf Distances By Club (Beginner To Pro) – Chart Included

If you’re an amateur in golf, you probably wonder about the average golf club distances someone should be hitting. This answer can vary depending on various factors, one being your handicap, but as an amateur, you do not expect to hit your ball as far as a pro golfer. However, after reading this guide, you can be sure that you will know the average distances for each club that an amateur should look for at the end of it.

TIP: Find your average golf club distances by playing more golf, get a couple range sessions in a week, or look into getting a golf simulator for your home or garage.

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The range of hitting a golf ball depends on many factors, such as which balls you use, which club has been used, individual factors such as gender, age, athleticism and coordination, your swing speed, and your connection with the ball. As a beginner to the golf game, you need to know the range you expect to hit and know the wide variation in distance. Some of the points to know when playing golf as a beginner include:

Why Average Golf Club Distances Vary

The distance of golf clubs varies from one player to another. Meaning that a distance of your 7-iron can be someone else’s 5-iron or 3-iron yardage. You need to find out your yardage as an amateur and focus on the distance you generate, not the distance another person has generated, then work to improve that distance.

Professional golfers achieve an average distance of between 280 and 320 yards, while other golfers enjoy the game range between 230 and 270 yards. An amateur golfer can reach an average distance of 195 and 205 yards. Therefore one should not compare their distance with another person’s distance.

Why Is It Important To Find Your Average Distance?

Knowing your yardage is essential because it helps you improve your game. You can easily know your distance by comparing the distance of your friends and yours. Knowing your distance lets you know if you are a long or short hitter.


Golf Distances By Club Chart


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How You Can Find Out Your Average Golf Club Distances

The more you visit the golf course, the more you become familiar with finding your potential and distance average. Note the results of every hit and eliminate your five best and worst shots. Noting down the results of all your hits gives you an average distance.

Note down the results of every golf club you own that is, the iron, driver, and wood, and compare them with the results of another golfer. Remember that every golfer has different distances, and each person has different techniques and skills; that is why distances vary. It also depends on if you are a pro golfer or an amateur.

Essential Factors That Determine the Distance of Golf Clubs

Different factors determine the average golf club distances that a person can achieve. Here are some of the most important factors that determine the distance.

The Loft of the Golf Club

All golf clubs have different loft angles; the more a golf club is angled, the higher the loft. For example, drivers designed for beginners have low lofts and are best for golfers that want to boost their driving distance. Clubs with a high loft are usually used by professionals used to the turf, and some clubs are adjustable, so you can control the swing speed.

Distance of the Golf Club

Yard distance achieved by long, mid, and short hitters varies on the golf club and also the gender of a golfer. In most cases, men have a faster swing speed than women, so their distance is farther. Some women are long hitters and can even hit the golf ball far as compared to men.

Swing Speed of the Golfer

When you have a high swing speed, the more distance the golf ball will achieve.


If there are strong winds, they significantly influence the loft and distance. During unfavorable weather, the golf ball cannot fly higher or longer. You cannot achieve the distance or loft you desire during strong winds.

Which club do you have the most consistent distance with? What are your average golf club distances?

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